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The Grey knights where a squad in the last days of The online game Clone wars adventures. Anybody can join the squad. Currently the squad plays on minecraft realms. Most of are pages are on Cwa character & ships wiki and cwa character wiki. You can have open roleplay here and you can make any page on here just no Cursing. This whole wiki is about Fanon and a tiny bit of canon from the epic starwars sagas.

The Grey knightsEdit

The Grey knights are group of force users and mandalorians who battled The Sith Squad 17 , The Venom knights ,  The ancient ones ,Anarchy Legion ,  Murder Squad , Virus's Legion ,  The Shadows ,  The Lost , The Montros , and  The Dark Knights. 

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RC-1212 Edit

RC-1212 was a Clone Commando that was nicknamed Blaze. He was Leader of the Blitz Squad and he was trained by Wade Tay'Haai. He was secretly a spy for The Confederacy Of Independent Systems even though he would never betray his Brothers at the same time in The GAR He served under Master Deto Ni'tel and sometimes Saber Shan. He was forced to stay in The GAR after Blitz Squad and The ARC SPEC Troopers where going to make a run for Mandalore. He killed many Jedi For a long period of time till he was finally able to abandoned The Empire. He was found by Wade Tay'Haai and adopted into Clan Tay'Haai. Soon after he was told by Kad Kelborn that some Sith where emerging and that he need to hunt them down.

The Passcode Edit

The Passcode was T-Ball ship that was in the first grey knight war till Lord fanpyre attack the remaining grey knights with the resurrected sith squad 17. The passcodee was destroyed but lucky t-ball was saved by the time squad.

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