Chapter 1: ScatteredEdit

Screams of pain. Sounds of cheering from our enemies. A huge explosion in the background. Thing to discribe one of my worst days ever. This all started with the death of Warren Lightbender. On our way back to our home planet i could hear one of our men whinning. He said he couldn't go on like this. He said this is the end. He said we should end the team. HE SAID WE WERE WORTHLESS LOSERS. Without hesatating i whacked him so hard he couldn't breathe. But he was ok he stood up and collapsed on the floor passed out. Everyone stared glaring at me with horrible looks. Then Kad stood up and said that he aggreed with the man on one part. This is the end of the Grey Knights. Once we landed everyone parted ways and i was alone. Thinking that we were gonna win was a lie. IT WAS ALL A LIE. LIE LIE LIE. i screamed to myself as everyone stared at me in horror. Then Kad came back and said it wasn't a lie there was still hope. Then he said it was all up to me to determine my future. The Grey Knights Future. The future of the universe. He said  it was all up to me how the story ends. Then Kad dissapered. Then i thought back and knew this isnt how Warren would have wanted it. Two years later. I was sitting in a apartment eating my supper and watching the television. I see on tv Kad and a group of other men going to disable a weapon created by Darth Rain. The tv reporter asked Kad a bunch of question before being shuned and asked to stand back. He said he dosent have time for this and pushed her and the camara guy away. She still did not listen and followed Kad to were Rain had the weapon. When they saw Rain he said he couldnt stop it and it was to late but of course Kad did not believe in such thing. He believed in hope and that justice would triumph. But suddenly Rain started laughing and the machine exploded. Killing the two of them. Watching in horror i ran outside. I staggered into a alley way contemplating to my self that the grey knights had to return. They had to survive. I knew what i had to do i had to reform the grey knights and lead them and a new generation of warriors. This is where a new story begins.

Chapter 2: The Creator Part 1Edit

Sad and depressed i wondered how i would ever find the Grey Knights. Then i thought to myself ill use the prototype 6 i said with a smile. But soon my happy smile turned into a terrible frown. I remembered the horrible moment when i saw the prototype sacrifice himeself.